Cautiously, Dog Tries to Steal Sandwich From Sleeping Toddler Without Waking Him Up

Dog was caught red-handed (Video)

It is common for young children to fall asleep while eating starring in funny scenes like the one we see in the video. The little baby is so tired that he doesn’t even have the strength to swallow the last bite. When Juki, the dog, realises that his baby brother has been quiet for a while, he anxiously decides to check on him. Juki dutifully walks into the toddler’s room, and is relieved to find him dozing off peacefully on the couch. But when the dog sees the baby’s hand, he is “horrified”! Juki sees that his brother was munching on an appetizing sandwich made by Mum.

But the baby was too tired to finish his meal, and ended up sleeping with the half-eaten sandwich still in his hand. Juki assumes that the sandwich has no takers now, and he hates the thought of seeing food go to waste! He eats everything the baby leaves. Most dogs like to eat at all times, but this time Juki is very lucky since he takes advantage of any opportunity in which the baby in the house falls asleep to eat his food. Like a “responsible” dog, Juki proceeds to finish the sandwich “neglected” by his baby brother. Just as he begins nibbling off bits of the uneaten sandwich right from the baby’s hand, Mom walks into the room to bust Juki’s mini food heist! Juki panics and hurriedly snatches away the sandwich and flees the room!

The dog tries to steal the sandwich

Mum is surprised to see her dog happily snacking away on the food “stolen” from his brother, but Juki doesn’t care about being caught red-handed. He’s sure that he is being a good boy by making sure there’s no half-eaten sandwiches left behind in the house! How adorable! Watch the video, Juki the dog sneaks in and cautiously steals a tasty sandwich from this sleeping toddler. That’s too funny, you will laugh out loud!

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