Dog is Always Pretending He Has To Go Pee – He Tricks Owner All The Time

He tricks owner for the most amusing reason (Video)

Everyone knows how stubborn their canine pals are. Even if you tell them not to do a particular activity, dogs will still find a way to do it. Hence, a funny Boston Terrier tricks its mum to open the door because she thinks that the dog merely answering the call of nature as she willingly falls into its trap.

In this funny video, the mix-furred Boston Terrier sits on a carpet by their front door. At first, you merely think the pup is taking a quick break from an energetic activity. But, it isn’t the case as the dog intently gazes towards the camera as if it’s trying to ask its fur parent for a favor. With this, Mum asks the pup if he wants to go potty. Seeing how the dog desperately convinces her to open the door, mum can’t help but agree to its wish.

This dog has his own technique

But, before she opens the door, she confirms with the pup one last time that he’s not going to jump into the pool. Yet, as the dogs already raring to go out, it didn’t respond to her queries. Thus, as soon as Mum opens the door, the Boston Terrier dashes and climbs the stairs, making the woman chase after it. She then sprints to catch up with her beloved doggo, only to find out that it dove into the swimming pool in their yard. Watch the video, you will see how things go there!

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