Dog Surprises Soldier At Airport – They Overcome With Emotion!

A touching reunion!

Reunions between owners and their dogs are always heartwarming. Whether it’s been a week apart or simply a work day, the excitement that dogs show when greeting their human tends to be so passionate and enthusiastic. Any dog owner will tell you that few things beat that moment of walking in the door and being excitedly greeted by your best friend. But when the time spent apart isn’t just a few days, when it isn’t because of an office job or a vacation, when it lasts months and months, that reaction is even stronger.

In this very moving video, we see a Golden Retriever welcoming his human mom home from a tour in Afghanistan.There’s nothing quite like a dog being reunited with her owner. When any soldier comes home from war, there’s guaranteed to be at least one happy someone waiting for them. But when this Golden Retriever sees her mom for the first time in a very long time returning from Afghanistan, she almost doesn’t know what to do with herself. The pup is so overcome with emotion that she can’t contain her happiness.

Uncontrollable crying!

This soldier was surprised to be greeted by her own dog while waiting to leave the airport. Then her pup surprises her again with uncontrollable crying! Such a touching expression of his love and excitement! The Golden is so emotional about being able to kiss and hug his owner after such a long time! It’s very impressive how excited they are and what emotions can give these incredible puppies when they meet again their owners after long time. Watch this emotional video, soldier mom can’t contain her emotions!

It’s clear the pair have a very close bond, and there’s also no denying this pup missed his owner a lot. He can barely contain himself when they see each other, nuzzling into her, showering her with kisses and letting out overwhelmed cries of relief to have his best friend back. Too sweet.

Molly, can’t wait to see her mom come home from Afghanistan. The US Air Force Captain was waiting at the airport when Molly comes by to give her a proper greeting.


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