Little Puppy Has Become Orphan But This Mother Cat Has Really Saved His Life

The adorable dog has found an unlikely mother (Video)

Animals instincts always have a right timing, especially the mother instincts. How many stories have we seen of animals of different species finding comfort on each other, taking care of each other, providing whatever care is needed. They don’t discriminate. They just sense the need and step in. Such is the case of this story. Bobby was found on the side of the road next to his mother, who had been hit by a car and killed.

He was only a couple of days old and in a crucial moment of his life. For him to be able to survive, he needed the type of care only a mother could provide –even a surrogate one. The person who found him brought him to the Michigan Humane Society where they were determined to help Bobby survive. But unfortunately, there were no female dogs at the shelter that could nourish him and become his mom. They did have Greta tough, a female cat who was nursing her own kittens so they decided to give it a shot and see if she would accept Bobby into her litter.

Her mother instincts kicked in

And she did. Her mother instincts kicked in and she took this defenseless, fragile puppy as one of her own. The adorable dog has found an unlikely mother who is showing him the true definition of puppy love. Turns out the puppy doesn’t seem to mind her brothers and sisters look a little different than her. “It’s a misconception that cats and dogs can’t get along, and as we see at the Michigan Humane Society, they can often become loving family members,” said Ryan McTigue, spokesperson for MHS. “Mother cat Gwen’s acceptance of Bobby as an addition to her litter of kittens is a wonderful example of that!” Watch the video, this one is particularly sweet!

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