Touching Rescue – Woman Saves Stray Puppy in Bad Condition, Now It Looks Unrecognizable

Now it looks unrecognizable (Video)

Bali has a large population of stray dogs, and the people over at Bali Paws do their best to rescue them. When one of their founders saw a puppy in bad condition, she approached him with caution. The young woman saw an abandoned puppy and without hope for the future. He was in desperate need of tender love and care. The frail puppy would not have survived without her help. She spent months nursing the puppy back to health. It took a while before she could see his playful side. However, once he trusted her, the dog gained new life.

Despite the deep bond she had formed with him, she knew it was impossible to keep every dog she met. They rescued countless canines and could not maintain them all. With a heavy heart and tears in her eyes, she had to make the tough decision of saying goodbye to him. When a couple from USA reached out to find a fun-loving dog, she knew exactly who would be the best fit. Matt and Tracey Rae adopted the once-hairless dog. They lived on a vast flower farm and were looking to expand their family. The dog was put on an airplane from Bali to Chicago, and as soon as he arrived, everyone could see it was the perfect match. 

Saying goodbye

The couple named him Lenny and have been keeping the world updated about his progress. The dog underwent quite the transformation since he was first discovered on the streets! Lenny is now covered in hair and looks cuter than ever. With big beady eyes and a fluffy brown coat, it’s almost impossible to comprehend what he looked like before. Watch the video, fans were moved to tears, his incredible transformation gave many a warm and fuzzy feeling inside—and that’s not just because of Lenny’s new furry coat! 

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