Marine Is Reunited With Puppy He Saved While On Duty Overseas – Touching Reunion

Touching reunion (Video)

We all need a helping hand at times. When Sgt. Jacob Fisher had been deployed in Afghanistan for 7 months, he ended up rescuing a little puppy from the harsh streets of Bagram. He named the pup Jax and he vowed that he would bring him home somehow. As you can imagine, it’s not the easiest thing to bring a dog from Afghanistan into the United States. There are a lot of legal issues that are involved, and plenty of paperwork. 

He discovered the tiny puppy stuck in a trap just outside of the base. He immediately fell in love. He knew that the little pup wouldn’t survive on his own, so he took him in. The two of them grew close in their bond, as each one helped the other out through the rough times of life. “Jax came along and lifted everybody’s spirits. It was amazing how something so small could just cheer you up when you’re having a bad day, within seconds of seeing him.” said Fisher. When it was time for Fisher to go home after spending seven months in Afghanistan, he knew he had to take Jax home with him, he wasn’t about to abandon Jax. The two needed one another. Even though they had to spend some time apart, Fisher did everything in his power to bring his dog home.

 The special day came when they could be reunited again

SPCA International agreed to help Fisher transport Jax to the United States through their military support program. After being home for three months, Fisher finally received word that Jax had left Afghanistan and was heading home to California. Fisher, his wife Michelle, and his son went to the airport to pick up Jax, but his son had no idea who they were picking up, as it was a surprise. They waited excitedly for Jax to arrive, wondering if he would still recognize Fisher. Watch the video, the tender moment was full of emotions for both Fisher and Jax.

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