58-year-old Man Was Saved From Armed Robbers By His Loyal Dog

Dog tackles armed robber to save his dad’s life (Video)

Oftentimes, dogs can sense when we’re in danger. They’d do anything to keep us safe and stay by our side. So, just when Lood De Jager thought armed robbers were about to take his life, his dogs jumped into action. Thieves followed De Jager home after he stopped at the bank to withdraw his salary. They followed him home, knowing he had plenty of cash on hand. De Jager didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until the strange vehicle parked right outside of his driveway.

“I first noticed them when they parked behind me in my driveway. They came to the window and told me to open up, so I did. They took my car keys and I just thought, they must take my car and go, it’s insured,” said De Jager. Niki, the older of his two Dobermans, ran toward the thief, whose gun was pointed at De Jager. The dog couldn’t bear the thought of losing her loving dad, so she made sure the gun was pointed away from him. The only problem was that the brave dog ended up taking the gunshot instead. But in the end, she saved her dad’s life.

Once the gate was open, the two Doberman Pinschers raced out.

They repeatedly asked De Jager where the money was. Since they pointed a gun at his head, De Jager had no choice but to give up his salary. As he did so, his granddaughter opened the gate to see what was going on. De Jager’s granddaughter wasn’t far behind. Once the gate was open, the two Doberman Pinschers raced out. Niki lunged at the attacker, knocking him to the ground. This stopped him from shooting De Jager, but it gave the brave pup a bullet wound instead. The attacker fired three shots as Niki took him down. One hit Niki, one went through the gate, and the third was fired into the air. The second bullet almost hit De Jager’s granddaughter, but luckily, it just skimmed the edge of her pants. Unfortunately, the bullet directed at Niki went right through her back. De Jager rushed the heroic pup to the vet after the incident. They were able to save her life because the family acted fast. Thankfully, the bullet missed all her vital organs, so her wound healed with only 14 stitches! Watch the video, amazing dog!

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