Dog Panics When He Loses Sight of His Owner At The Beach – Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless

He feels completely lost (Video)

The owner of a magnificent Labrador recently shared a moment that was as funny as it was touching. While the dog is playing in the water with the greatest pleasure, he no longer pays attention to his owner and quickly loses sight of her. Panic on board!

She filmed her dog at the beach. The Lab is having fun in the water to the point of completely forgetting his owner! Named Sligo, the brave dog completely stops his aquatic activities and turns his head from left to right, and from right to left, in the hope of quickly finding his favorite human. Worried, he seems to begin to realize that he may never see his owner again! There are so many people on the beach that he feels completely lost.

The dog looks like his whole world is collapsing around him

In the video, we see that the beautiful labrador ends up finding his owner, and he doesn’t waste a second rushing towards her! Viewed by 6 million people, this video received numerous comments from Internet users who are divided between the pain of seeing the few seconds of panic, and the joy of seeing his enthusiasm when he finds his owner. Fortunately for Sligo, this moment was only fleeting and his owner does not intend to separate from him, far from it! Watch the video, the reaction of the faithful labrador when he finds his owner is adorable!

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