Dog Suddenly Dove Into The Water -The Reason Why He Did It Surprised Everyone!

Dog Suddenly Dove Into The Water!

The day started out like any for this golden retriever, named Storm, but in an instant that all changed. While out for a walk with his family on the banks of Port Jefferson Harbor, New York, the heroic pup spotted an animal on the verge of drowning — and immediately leapt into action to save the day. Storm’s owner, Mark Freeley, watched on in amazement as his pet swam out and gently grabbed a helpless fawn by the scruff of her neck, paddling her back to dry land. Freeley caught the whole thing on video. But this turned out to be just the beginning.

Freeley then called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League for help with what to do next. But as volunteer Frankie Floridia arrived to collect the animal, with his partner Erica Kutzing following close behind, the disoriented fawn got into trouble yet again. “Erica called Frankie for an update while driving and his panic-stricken voice yelled out, ‘She’s back in the water! She’s too far out! She’s drowning! I’m going in!’” This time, it was Frankie who swam out to save the baby deer.

It was an amazing group effort!

With the fawn back on dry land yet again, rescuers decided to not take any more chances. Noting that she was stressed, loaded with ticks and suffering from an injured eye, Frankie and Erica opted to drive the animal to local wildlife rehabilitators from the STAR Foundation. Rescuers are optimistic that the fawn will soon be back on her feet.While it’s unclear exactly how the fawn’s life-threatening ordeal began, or why she was lacking the guidance of her mother, there’s no doubt that a few helpful people — and one brave dog — are responsible for her making it out alive. Watch the video, thankfully, Mark caught whole thing on camera. It’s no surprise the incredible footage is quickly going viral.

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