Donkey Who Spent Whole Life Chained Cries When He’s Finally Freed – Heartwarming Rescue

A moment full of emotions (Video)

Tragically, it’s evidently clear that not everyone is suited to be an animal owner. This was the case for a poor donkey named Leonardo. The animal was saved after a life of suffering. For eight years he was forced to be tied to the chain, without the necessary food in a village near Seville, Spain. Maybe the story of this asinello named Leonardo it didn’t start out in the best way, but today he is finally free and has known love for the first time in his entire life. This is thanks to the wonderful volunteers of the association Sanctuary Gaia Foundation. Thankfully, there are still caring people in the world.

No animals should have to live like this, Leonardo lived for years tied to a chain. His family lived in precarious conditions and could not provide him with the daily food he needed. Over time, the poor donkey began to lose weight and resign himself to that imprisonment. He couldn’t even run around happily, because of that tight chain. Eventually, its owners, due to constant quarrels with neighbors, decided to leave the village and to abandon the animal. The rescuers didn’t hesitate and immediately rescued and took him with them.

A place he can finally call home

Leonardo had to make a long trip from Seville to Girona, Catalonia, but it was worth it! Seeing it today has warmed the heart of the entire world of the web. The foundation, which cares for all kinds of animals in need, shared a moving video on social media. The donkey managed to regain weight and get back to health. And above all he knew freedom! Today he plays and runs happily, without that chain that had imprisoned him all his life. Watch the viral video, the animal is bursting with happiness. After eight years tied up, without space, he is finally free!

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