He Pranks His Dog By Pretending To Eat His Nose – Hilarious Reaction

Hilarious dog’s reaction

Through the ages, people have claimed dogs as one of their closest, and best, companions. Of all the domesticated animals, dogs serve the widest array of roles: protector, helper, lifesaver, and companion. Dogs are incredible friends to people, and they’ve been companions through centuries. In the hilarious video shared on social networks, a young Italian man played a prank on his dog by pretending to want to eat his nose! This joke has also gone viral in a short time reaching millions of users.

He posted various videos on his TikTok account which has over a million followers. In one of these videos, he pranked his dog. With his doggie in his arms, the young man made his American Bully believe that he was going to steal his nose! The kind of joke that we often make to our children. And it worked! The pranked dog’s reaction is hilarious: if at first, he seems to have taken it badly by begging his human to give him back this part of his body, shortly after, he appears amused!

A good prank

The owner then pretends to eat the nose of his inseparable furry companion. Finally, he puts the alleged nose back in his dog’s mouth, which immediately calmed the animal. Watch the video, the funny and sweet scene was so popular that surpassed five million views, reaching nearly one million “likes”.

One of the great joys of owning a dog is the never-ending stream of silly hijinks they provide.


Reaction dog 🤣😍🙈🙈😍😍♥️♥️

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