Little Boy Was Saving Up To Buy Puppy – Adorable Reaction When Grandparents Gift Him One

Heartwarming moment (Video)

For those of us who had a childhood pet while we were growing up, we know the immense joy that comes along with taking care of your first dog or cat. They mature alongside you and become part of your family. It’s no surprise that many children want this experience: to have a four-legged companion who will be with them through thick and thin. 6-year-old Xander Mellor got that wish while visiting his grandparents’ house in Springfield, Illinois.

In the video recorded by his mother, Natalie Ellenburg, we see Xander open the front door, thinking that the mailman has arrived. “Let’s go look,” Ellenburg says in the video. Ellenburg then tells Xander to keep his eyes “closed, super closed.” Suddenly, someone places a puppy in his arms, and Xander opens his eyes. With a genuine look of surprise, Xander seems overwhelmed with excitement and joy“What do you think?” Ellenburg asks. Xander says he “loves it” before bursting into tears.

He saved spare change for 18 months to buy a puppy

The boy’s family surprised him with a puppy after he saved spare change for over 18 months to afford the dog, which he later named Marshmallow. Xander’s story has spread like wildfire across the internet since it hit the web. No matter how cynical or jaded you may be, this video is bound to make even the grumpiest among us smile. Watch the video and see the incredible moment when his grandparents place the tiny pup in his arms. Xander cannot contain his excitement anymore and bursts into tears.

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