Man Befriends Mama Bear Over The Years – One Day She Brings Her Cubs to Meet Him

She brings her cubs to meet him (Video)

Bears can be scary because of their strength and their size, but actually, they also can be cute. In this video, we see a man who has had his friend black bear come and visit him for years bring her brand new cubs to meet him. It is such an amazing moment. One day, years ago, a mama bear brought her four precious cubs along with her. Thankfully he captured footage of the incident. Patrick Conley, living in North Carolina, grabbed his camera and started filming as soon as the bears started to approach his front porch.

One of the bears appears and starts walking up the steps. One of the bears approaches Conley. The bear gets so close that Conley can practically reach out and pet it on the head — although he wisely chooses not to. The bear seems to regard him with a vague curiosity. It sniffs at him like a cat. “That’s a little close, come on now!” Conley says. Most people would’ve been terrified, but Conley did the right thing by staying calm. Wild animals can be unpredictable, so if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, it’s always smart to stay calm and avoid making any sudden noises or movements. Mama bear didn’t feel threatened even when in the presence of a human.

The man cheerfully greeted his visitor

The bears then leave Patrick’s porch and retreat back into the forest. But how amazing must it have been to experience that! These four bears have been visiting the property since at least August 2017 and most likely earlier. These bears have visited so frequently that Conley can even tell them apart and gave them names. The mother bear is Maïté, while her son is Maurice and her daughters are Simone and Solange. Watch the breathtaking video, what a wonderful encounter with nature that got caught on film. They felt safe to be around him!

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