Man Begins Performing Whitney Houston’s Hit But His Dog Hilariously Steals The Show

The dog gives the performance of a lifetime

Did you know that dogs can sing? It’s true! Some dogs are known to belt out their favorite tunes from time to time, and the results are adorable – just like this story about a dog who loved to sing Whitney Houston. Her song, “I Will Always Love You,” will forever remain a classic. And to be honest, no one will ever be able to deliver it quite like Houston herself. It’s a powerful song that few can ever do justice when trying to cover the song. However, there was one adorable pooch who did her best to master her rendition of the hit song.

On the TV show, “Belgium’s Got Talent,” one adorable dog, Xena, delighted both the judges and the audience as she went on to give her performance of the hit song, “I Will Always Love You.” Lady Xena, a 12-week-old pit bull, had shown her owners Mick and Daphne that she had a talent for singing, at least as far as dogs are concerned. After her stirring rendition, her owners told the judges that they are not sure why Xena loves this particular song, but it’s the one that she always sings apparently. They said that her cover of the Whitney Houston song started when she was a puppy. One day, the owners were out a cafe with Xena, when the song came on. Immediately, the little pup began to sing along by howling.

The dog reveals his hidden talent

It didn’t take long before the adorable pit bull worked to make her musical prowess stronger. And it’s been her secret talent ever since. Apparently, she does a good job of hitting those high notes! Whitney would probably be proud. As she sings, you can hear the subtle shifts in her vocals as she is completely in sync with the tune. Her performance adds a whole other level to the song as Lady Xena adds her own personal stamp to the song, truly making it her own. Watch the video, you can tell by her performance that she takes her singing seriously and is dedicated to her craft.

Performing in front of a crowd. The video of the performance says it all.


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