Mom Shares the Sweet Way Her Beloved Dog ‘Checks In’ on Her Three Kids Each Night

Adorable nighttime routine (Video)

Whoever said dogs are “Man’s Best Friend” has clearly never seen one with a kid they love. Dogs are undeniably loyal — and surprisingly protective — of the tiny humans in their life, and it’s often pretty adorable to see it in action. Even at night, when the lights are all off and his family has settled in to sleep, this sweet dog named Killian never stops proving what a good boy he is. Recently, Killian’s owner, Kelly Rottet, shared a heartwarming video showing her pup’s adorable nighttime routine.

“This is our dog, Killian. We got him when he was about 8 weeks old, when we were expecting our third baby. So, he’s been raised with all 3 of our kids who are close in age. He is mostly a Great Pyrenees mixed with Lemon Hound.” said Kelly Rottet. In the footage, captured by the Rottets’ home security cameras, Killian is seen quietly making the rounds throughout the house — stopping to check on the family’s three children as they doze in their beds, as if to ensure that all is peaceful and well. “He does this often,” said Rottet. “He will wander around the house throughout the night, checking on all of us.” Between Killian’s little check-ins on his family, he usually finds a cozy spot to catch some Zs as well — but even as he sleeps, it’s clear that his family is never far from his mind.

Heartwarming video showing her pup’s adorable nighttime routine.

No one had to teach Killian to be so mindful of his favorite people. But his family loves him all the more for it. “It gives us a sense of security knowing he’s guarding the house at night,” Rottet said. Since then, it’s been viewed thousands of times by people who can’t get enough of the sweet pooch. Watch the video, Killian is currently going viral for the sweet way he checks in on her children at night to make sure they’re safe and sound in their beds.

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