This Dog Has Found a Hilarious Technique To Never Leave His Mother’s Bed

This pup’s acting skills are genuinely impressive

Cove the Pittie girl is so much more than just a pretty face. She’s her mama’s best friend, the ultimate snuggle bunny, and a Hollywood-level actress. This smart rescue pup even figured out how to convince her mom to let her sleep with her in her bed! If you think that sounds absolutely adorable–you’re completely right. Cove and her mama are capturing their viewers’ hearts with all the puppy love!

The video of the dog pretending to be asleep while lounging on its owner’s pillow has gone viral, where it received millions of views. We just love Cove’s sneaky move to stay in bed, but do you know what we love even more? That her plan worked! Not even Katherine could resist her pup’s sweet, sleepy self, and we can completely relate. Cove is nearly as big as her mama, so we’re sure it’s a bit of a struggle for bed space. But in the end, this is Princess Cove we’re talking about!

The fake snoring is the best

Cove was seriously dedicated! She should have an Oscar for that convincing performance, or a nomination at the very least. The video shows the dog slumped over on its side on top of a person’s bed, with its head on a pillow. As the camera zooms in on its face. Watch the video, the fake snoring is the best! We do agree, though–nothing can top that fake snoring. There’s something so heartwarming about it!

That’s precious! Though–nothing can top that fake snoring. There’s something so heartwarming about it!

@katherinepatriick It works every time #funnydog #dogsoftiktok #pittiesoftiktok #dogsofttiktok #doggo #dogmom #kennel ♬ original sound – Katherine Patrick

@katherinepatriick Out of sight, out of mind #funnydog #funnydogs #pittiesoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #doggo #dogmom #kennel ♬ original sound – Katherine Patrick


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