This dog protects a child and prevents his mother from beating him!

Dog protects child! (Video)

This mother and her child decided to hold a social experiment to see how their dogs would react if the mother started mercilessly beating her child. So as it starts out, the mom and her child planned to try this out while they were sitting on the sofa. The mommy held out a slipper and the child screamed which alerted her pets. The video was made for training purposes. The pets, both, who look like golden retrievers, stood their ground and watched what the mommy was doing to the child.

This is another reminder of how special dogs really are. This video is a fictional scene shot two years ago in Turkey, as the unidentified woman lifts her arms ready for the attack, a dog bounds up and stops her in motion. Leaping in between her and the boy, the dog barks and sits down to create a barrier. As soon as they realized that she was beating the child, one of the dogs climbed up on the sofa and started acting like a shield to protect the child from the beating! 

How special dogs really are?

Children have a special relationship with dogs. They tug on their tails, rub backwards on their fur, and take a seat right on their bellies when tired. Most dogs patiently tolerate this abuse and many even beg for more when their “treatment” ends. This is in stark contrast to what dogs will endure from each other or their grown-up human companions. A dog’s natural protectiveness is demonstrated in this video which shows a boy about to beaten with a shoe. It’s impossible to remain unmoved by watching this video!

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