Dog sits happily but starts acting strangely every time windshield wipers come on!

Dog acting strangely! (Video)

Every good puppy owners knows just how important it is to expose your young puppy to as many things possible; umbrellas, different people, hats, car rides, vets, etc. But every once in a while something will sneak up on you that you forgot to introduce to your dog when they were young. In the case of Alexandra Rodz … the rear windshield wiper. Some dogs have unexplainable fears, strange reactions to toys, or weird noises that they make in specific circumstances. Some common dog fears and phobias include thunderstorms, children, riding in cars, and more. There are other very common dog oddities, like twirling around before they sit, sniffing each other’s rears, chasing their tails, and getting a little too friendly with your leg — why on earth do they do that? 

Since we can’t really talk to them, it can be difficult to determine exactly why dogs act strangely — sometimes some sleuthing is required to understand their behavior. Whatever the case may be, we’re pretty mystified as to what the dog in the video has against windshield wipers. In a recently posted clip, Alexandra Rodz writes that her golden retriever puppy Enzo is afraid of a windshield wiper. To solve the problem, use the method of training actually called flooding. It is when you purposefully expose the human or animal to their fear and make them face it. The idea being that if they are exposed long enough and see that nothing bad happens then they overcome it. Now flooding is only one technique and is NOT appropriate in all situations. However, many times in normal daily activities, like scary wipers, it works great. She faced her fear and now does just fine with the wipers. I’ll continue to turn them on for a few minutes each day over the next couple of weeks and she’ll be just fine for life.

Something strange is coming!

The footage was filmed in a car in Puerto Rico, while Enzo the golden patiently sat in the back. In the video, there’s no sign that Enzo is a nervous pup, in fact he seems pretty happy relaxing in the way-way back. But since it’s raining, that means the windshield wipers have to come on, and the doggy really doesn’t seem to care for that. But every time the wipers make a motion, like clockwork, Enzo ducks out of sight — what danger does he think they pose? “He isn’t scared of anything except this, and the vacuum cleaner,” Alexandra writes. Check out the entire cute clip of the pup plopping to the ground every time the windshield wipers come on.

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