Dog Steals Pancakes While Owners Are Gone And Accidentally sets FIRE to house!

Dog sets fire to house! (Video)

A bizarre incident was caught on camera and shared by the Southwick Fire Department in Massachusetts when a family dog accidently hit the ignition button on a gas stove while searching for food. Video footage of the shocking event was captured by the home’s surveillance system and shared by the Southwick Fire Department to serve as a warning: Don’t leave items unattended on the stove. The Southwick Fire Department said the homeowners had left some pancakes there. The burners were off, but the pancakes were there for the taking.

One of the family’s dogs — undoubtedly noticing the tempting food sitting there — snatched them from atop the stove. In doing so, the dog inadvertently turned the stove on and, within moments, smoke filled the room, and a fire erupted! In the video, two dogs just stare at the fire as if they know something has gone terribly wrong. Fortunately the house had a sophisticated fire alarm system which alerted the local fire department who came to save the day. Members of the Southwick Fire Department ended up putting the fire out and preventing the home from burning down.

Smoke filled the room!

I can understand the need for some pancakes, but luckily, this particular case of canine breakfast thievery ended happily! The video shows smoke quickly engulfing the house after the dog set the hob on fire. The video quickly went viral, with animal lovers thanking the firefighters for being so kind to the canine firestarter. A officer took the time to reassure the dog with a friendly pat. Watch the video and please take it as a warning if you have any pets at home.

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