Dog Has 10% Chance Of Surviving Tumor – Tearful Moment She Learns She’s Cancer Free!

When she learns she’s cancer free! (Video)

When Lily the golden retriever suddenly got sick, her owner Dani Makai was shocked. Overnight, Lily went from happy and healthy to so weak she could barely stand. Makai rushed Lily to the vet. There, she learned that Lily had Hemangiosarcoma, a rapidly growing cancer that usually occurs in dogs and cats. Lily had a tumor on her spleen, and if the vet didn’t do surgery immediately, she would be dead within hours. The vet gently told Makai that there was just a ten percent chance that the tumor was benign. If it was cancerous, Lily only had a few months left to live even after they removed the tumor. The vet also said that in her 25 years in emergency medicine, she’d never had a case that came out negative.

Makai knew she wanted a few more months with her beloved dog, and so she and her husband emptied out their savings account to pay for the surgery. The surgery was a success, and Lily immediately seemed like her old, cheerful self. Makai kept asking if it was possible that the tumor was benign, but the vet told Makai that it wasn’t likely, and she should enjoy the time she had left with Lily. The vet told Makai she would call her in a week with the biopsy results, and Makai and Lily went home.

Exciting news!

A week later, the vet called with amazing news: the tumor was benign! Makai sat Lily down to tell her the news, and she took video of the moment that she told Lily she was cancer-free. The sweet pup wagged her tail as as Makai excitedly told her what the vet said: “Lily, you don’t have cancer! No you don’t! You’re the first case in twenty-five years!” Lily couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and she couldn’t contain her excitement about being healthy! The video quickly went viral, getting over three million views. Everyone loved seeing Lily’s reaction when her mom said that she was cancer-free. Watch the video of Lily getting her exciting news!

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